Welcome to passbook punchcard!


How it works...

Passbook Punchcard allows you to use the power of your customers iPhone's to drive them to you! You can
send your customer a Pass on on their iPhone that will alert them to the location of your Food Truck in two ways:

1. Using Apple's latest iBeacon architecture: You (or your employees) iPhone will send out your Truck's current
location. When your customers are near, we will "push" an alert to their iPhone, letting them know your Food
Truck is just around the corner.

2. Using Passbook Punchcard's website: Our website will allow you to send "push" notifications to your customer's
iPhone, alerting them of your Truck's current and future locations. The notification can then be used to give
your customer's turn-by-turn directions to you!

Your customer's Pass will sit along side of their current Starbucks, Movie, Concert, and other loyalty passes -
Constantly reminding them of your delicious food!

Installing the Pass on your customer's iPhone is easy...they can scan a QR Code posted at your truck, or visit our
website - getting the Pass on your customers iPhone takes just seconds...

Getting the location of your truck to your customers has never been easier!
All of this for only $25/month.

For more information call us at 619-322-0052.
Want to accept credit cards and offer loyalty punchcards too? Contact us to find out more!

Below is a sample of how your Pass can look: