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Ready to move past your traditional paper loyalty punch/stamps cards? Well, you've come to the right place. Passbook Punchcard offers a simple and inexpensive solution to move you into the 21st century.

Customer Loyalty Cards have been around forever! Their goal is to encourage repeat business. But there's a problem. If you're like me (and most Americans), the moment you get a card, you put it in your car or wallet and promptly lose it or forget about it entirely. Where's the value in that?

Recently, Apple introduced iOS 6. One of the key innovations in iOS 6 is a program called Passbook. Passbook is the future of the digital wallet. Recent statistics show that there are approximately 35 million iPhone users in the United States. These 35+ million iPhone users will use Passbook to purchase coffee from Starbucks, buy Movie and Concert tickets, keep their Grocery Store Loyalty Cards and Coupons, and store their Airline Boarding Passes. In other words, they will use it on a daily basis. Wouldn't you want your customers reminded of your company every time they use their iPhone?

This is where Passbook Punchcard comes in. We will create a dynamic Loyalty Card specifically for your company. This Loyalty Card will be stored on your customers iPhone in the Passbook App. The App does a really great job of keeping your customer coming back and connected to your company. Not only will your customer see your Loyalty Card on a daily basis, whenever they are near your store, the iPhone will alert them that your store is nearby. Click Here for an example of the location based alert. In addition to the "top of mind awareness" seeing your Loyalty Card will bring, we will also offer you the benefit of having a customer database including the Name, E-mail Address, Number of Recent Visits, and Most Recent Visit of all your Loyalty Card holders. With this information you will be able to reach out to your current customers as often as you would like to. You can tell them about current coupons, offer them reminders of their current punch count, or let them know about any specials events you have planned.

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Below are some Passbook Punchcard Examples: